There are a wide range of seaside locations where small craft such as kayaks and dinghys can be launched and where swimming is possible. The suitability of a site must always be judged with regard for the weather forecast and sea conditions and the experience of those using the water. The Mizen looks straight out into the Ocean and offers some of the best watersports experience anywhere in the world. Be safe and enjoy the Wild Atlantic! Why not become a member of Schull Community Inshore Rescue Service !!


Wearing a Lifejacket. What is the Law in Ireland?

A life-jacket is a Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) and is a statutory requirement for pleasure craft in Ireland.  There must be suitable PFDs for everyone on board any pleasure craft and must be worn in the following situations:

1.      By anyone on board an open craft that is under 7 metres in length;
2.      By anyone on deck on a craft that is under 7 metres length;
3.      By anyone under the age of 16 on board an open craft or on deck of any other type of          craft;
4.      By anyone being towed in another craft or on any other device (skis, donuts etc.);
5.      By anyone on a personal watercraft (jet ski).

Exceptions are when:

Tied up alongside or made fast to an anchor, marina, pier or mooring;
Immediately prior to, during and after swimming from a craft that is not moving        through the water;
Putting on, wearing or taking off diving equipment on a craft that is not moving through the water.Join Schull Inshore Rescuexx

In a waterbourne emergency contact 999 and ask for Coastguard.