Mizen Community Partnership

The Integrated Strategic Development Plan for the Mizen Peninsula was commissioned by West Cork Development Partnership and Goleen and District Community Council to guide initiatives to develop the area in the future. Economic issues such as insufficient local employment opportunities, loss of working age population and the closure of local services are addressed through the Plan.

communities map

A key aim is to identify achievable and realistic development objectives and actions that will enhance the profile of the area, building on local strengths, knowledge and skills to create opportunities for all.
The Plan is an important piece of evidence to help attract and channel funding and support to the area.
The Plan recognises the value of ‘joined up’ thinking and partnership on the Mizen Peninsula and the benefits of strategic working in the wider West Cork areas.

Aims and Objectives

  • Developing more opportunities to live and work in the area.
  • Conserving the distinct local culture and healthy environment of the region.
  • Enhancing the existing widespread services and attractions available on the Mizen Peninsula.
  • Balancing the use and conservation of local environmental resources.