Goleen Enters Eirs Broadband Competition

With the deadline rapidly approaching Goleen’s entry for the Eirs (Eircom) High Speed Broadband Rollout Competition was sent over the conventional copper wire internet airways. With the chance of winning a 250,000 euro investment to connect Goleen and surrounding district to the ‘fibre optic super highway’ ahead of the Government backed program due by 2020, it was too good a chance to miss. Eirs (Eircom) are looking for a community that they can work with to demonstrate their fibre optic high speed technology and are offering to deliver to the lucky winner ,free of charge, a trial program of minimum 32mbit internet connection. When members of the ‘Goleen Community Council’ and the ‘Mizen Community Partnership’ realised that Goleen would fall outside the commercial area for high speed broadband, steps were taken to put Goleen’s name into the hat and the competition entry was ┬áput together. Eirs reports a big response to the competition so there are no guarantees of victory but at least the entry is in and as we all know. ‘If you’renot in, you can’t win.’   Fingers crossed, we’ll know the outcome this month.